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These 7 best startups to buy now on Wefunder shape the future of their industries

“Invest in founders building the future.” This is the main message on WeFunder’s main page and official website. And for investors looking for the best startups they can invest in, WeFunder offers a wide array of futures to consider.

Investing with as little as $100, you can help startups and promising businesses raise the necessary capital to develop their products and services, expand their sales channels and make a huge difference.

Startups are very risky and are definitely not suitable for all investors. If you have a high risk tolerance in investing, however, then investing in the best startups is like funding the future. We do not know what the future will be, but we can shape it, we can get prepared for it, and we can try to tame it by investing in breakthrough ideas that seem to be promising and useful. This is what startup investing is in a nutshell.

So let’s look at the seven best startups to invest in on WeFunder today.

Northern Pacific Airways is a bet on the world leaving the pandemic behind and starting traveling again. It wants to become the first discount trans-Pacific operator. The company has bought Ravn, the regional airline of Alaska. It has generated revenues of $55 million in 2021 despite the pandemic, and is targeting $90 million in 2022.

The airline company is launching transpacific flights, having a stopover in Alaska and will be using Anchorage as a hub between Asia & U.S. That move will provide a low-cost model, which is especially important as fuel prices are rising. The one-stop itineraries save fuel and tickets can be 25% lower.

Using Anchorage as a hub, Northern Pacific Airway can support the local economy, having already an established airline infrastructure, and can exploit capital efficiency and cost synergies with Ravn Alaska.

The company is looking to get a piece of the total addressable market of $20 billion for trans-Pacific air travel. It has already acquired four 757-200 aircraft, with more coming soon.

The minimum investment in Northern Pacific Airways on Wefunder is $100.

Vironix Health has developed software that can save lives — an AI-powered software that is extremely useful in the early detection of potential heart and lung failure. Other illnesses that can also be detected early include asthma and COPD, plus other acute respiratory illnesses.

Unfortunately each year about 17.9 million people die because of cardiovascular disease. The cost of preventable heart and lung disease to employers and health insurance providers is very large, estimated to exceed  $400 billion per year.

Vironix is a solution to detect heart and lung disease problems early. The company provides “AI-personalized and gamified software along with biometric monitoring devices to patients free of charge.” This technology has been reviewed not only by top scientists but also by top institutions as well.

The business model generates revenue by charging about $300 per patient per month, which will be paid for by insurers. There is a potential for $1.8 billion revenue and there are already research and development collaborations with top universities like Oxford University. That’s what puts it on this list of best startups.

The minimum investment in Vironix Health on Wefunder is $250.

How do you disrupt the $1.8 trillion lithium battery industry? NextBolt may have the answer.

Soaring energy prices have sent inflation to historic highs and skyrocketed electricity costs for consumers and businesses. Meanwhile, lithium production can’t keep up with the demands.

NextBolt is a new kind of home energy storage battery.

It is a home unit that combines style, safety and affordability, as it can be sold for as little as $100 a month. The battery and energy system is based on sodium solid-state batteries, which are considered safer than lithium batteries and the materials are easier to get.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was approved by the U.S. Senate is a catalyst supporting clean energy. NextBolt can benefit from this transition to clean energy and has a competitive advantage, as sodium batteries are four times cheaper than lithium batteries. The modular design allows for more Bolt batteries to be installed to cover future energy needs, and the installation is simple.

The minimum investment in NextBolt on Wefunder is $250.

XENSE wants to disrupt the $18 billion medical imaging industry. The traditional CT (computed tomography) scans used for imaging were invented back in the 1970s. Some of the main problems related to classic CT scans are the exposure to radiation and their high maintenance costs. there are also concerns about higher error rates.

The solution offered by XENSE compared to traditional CT scans has many advantages. There is ultralow radiation exposure and there is quantitative 2D and 3D imaging that allows an improved and more accurate analysis of the outcome. That can help patients feel more comfortable.

The uTomo / Meta CT system is designed to help people live better by minimizing the time elapsed from early diagnosis to getting the best possible treatment, achieving wellness faster.

The minimum investment in XENSE on Wefunder is $500.

PANGEA is a brand for nature lovers aiming at stopping ocean pollution. It is estimated that 14 billion pounds of trash go to oceans every year.

PANGEA designs and sells sustainable outdoor gear that combines innovation, functionality and sustainability. Additionally, parts of the sales are used to slow ocean pollution and help make the planet cleaner. This will be achieved by building a global movement of outdoor lovers who not only are eco-conscious but also help the environment.

The outdoor industry is worth $54 billion. Unfortunately, most of that gear is made of plastic.

PANGEA products are carbon-negative and ecological with high gross margins — 75% for travel towels and 67% for Eco jackets. There is traction as the company made sales of $755,000 in the first two years and achieving 115% year-over-year growth from 2020 to 2021.

The minimum investment in PANGEA on Wefunder is $100.

Bee is a Web 3.0 mortgage app helping consumers get a mortgage fast and easily. It allows you to get a mortgage using your phone, without any unwanted phone calls. What makes the difference is the pre-approval process can sometimes be made within only three minutes, and can be started whenever you want.

By answering a simple set of questions, you can have your credit, income and assets verified instantly and receive a pre-approval letter. Web 3.0 automation makes the whole process cheaper too, as it reduces the cost of loan origination.

This is possible because the use of mobile experience, third-party data, and smart contracts replaces tasks like the document collection and verification resulting in huge savings.

The company has more than 10,000 downloads.

The minimum investment in Bee on Wefunder is $100.

We live in a world where technology informs many aspect of our lives — so why not have a smart home office?

Lumina, the last of this list of best startups, is disrupting the home office market. As more people have preferred to work at home even as the pandemic seems to be waning, remote working is a trend that will remain strong over the next years.

The company has built a smart webcam powered by AI that delivers the best experience working at home. The video calls look exceptional since the colors are better and it has a good depth of field, especially compared to laptop cameras.

Some of the specs of this smart webcam include a 4K resolution, dual microphones, and four colors to pick from. The company has achieved a $3 million run rate in just five months, growing at 20% month-over-month.

The minimum investment in Lumina on Wefunder is $100.

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