No, you do not pay less taxes: the 5 myths of prefabricated houses -

2022-08-02 12:54:27 By : Mr. Jushang Liaoning

The confinement caused the idea of ​​living in a flat to be replaced by the idea of ​​living in a large space like the one that a chalet-type house can deliver.The high prices and the scarcity of offers of "central" houses, however, put the limits to seek the dream of living in a generous space and with gardens.Despite this, the modern idea of ​​getting a prefabricated house comes to mind because in a strange way we think that it is the cheapest and most affordable option.In countless portals and advertisements we see, for example, Mediterranean-style houses where luxury, modernity can be seen and what is striking after the impact with the work is the price.It is at this point that the recipient of the advertising realizes that it is a prefabricated house because of the low price, compared to advertisements for houses with a similar style, but of traditional construction, where prices do not fall below a million euros.With the low prices that this profile of "modern housing" gives, it seems that the dream could come true, until it is time to break down the total value to install a prefabricated house in any suitable corner of the peninsula.For this reason, we have taken the word of Lourdes Treviño, architect and founder of Freehand Architecture, who in an article published in the magazine Arquitectura y Diseño, and the Casa Agency, have demystified all those mistaken beliefs about the universe behind these constructions. .Treviño makes a sustainability comparison in which she says prefabs will be cheaper over time (not today), like what happened with LED lights."When this type of lighting appeared, it was much more expensive than a conventional halogen bulb. In a few years, when its efficiency became known, its use became popular and the price fell radically."The expert confirms that prefabricated houses can be customized, both on the facade and in the interiors."You have to do it taking care of every detail to improve adaptability to the environment and with a prior study of slopes and topography to provide the best solutions for each of the homes," she explains.The architect breaks the stereotype that a prefabricated house has poorer quality.For her, the option of the bad is as much in a house of traditional construction as in a prefabricated house."The quality of a building depends on the design that is given to it. The constructive solutions that are applied, the quality of the materials and, of course, the care with which it is made. In addition to the regulations that must be complied with," she adds .For its part, Casa Agency, in the Comunicae portal, in its ranking of myths about prefabricated houses, clarifies that this type of housing does not pay less taxes than a conventional house."The public administration does not care how a house is built. It does not matter if it is prefabricated or made with concrete and bricks. The only thing that counts is that it is a property, a home to be exact. And as such must pay the same taxes as any other", they say.Casa Agency experts argue that for the public administration a home always has the same "obligations" regardless of how it is built."Therefore, a prefabricated house can only be built on those urban plots that are allowed to build houses. In addition, it must be taken into account that each plot has urban limitations," they sentence.