Athletes' education generates sustainability for host city communities

2023-01-03 13:14:43 By : Ms. Fize weng

Debrecen, a city in the eastern part of Hungary, will host the best teams for the World University Ultimate Trophy from July 4 to 8 2023. 

As Sport-Life Balance Program (SLBP) is progressing, more Debrecen-based corporate entities are involved and are open to be part of the run-up to the event and look forward to actively create economic and social values until and beyond the inaugural world university flying disc event.  Garden Toys

Athletes' education generates sustainability for host city communities

They can establish a cooperative partnership with local sportclub DEAC, the university sport club of the city, on a bilateral basis. 

On one hand they can provide real world labour market experiences for athletes of DEAC, by opening their doors for apprenticeship programs, part-time job opportunities and e-learning platforms. 

On the other hand, they can be buyers of sport facilitated workshops for motivational and team building events for their employees, delivered by DEAC athletes and coaches.

To achieve this, Sport-Life Balance Program will organise DEAC athletes' educational workshops, in cooperation with Training360, a Hungary-based consultancy and HR advisory firm. 

We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Miklós Pintér, sales and marketing director of Training360, that constitutes our long-term cooperation on sport event human legacies. 

Late January and early February will be the timeframe for a series of three workshops, that will build the knowledge of athletes about corporate environment and culture. 

It will develop their capabilities to structure, compose and deliver sport facilitated team building and motivational workshops. 

Corporate all-staff events, family days or ordinary team building events are platforms to share sport, motivate employees and secure well-being on a single or regular basis. 

Organisational healthcare development and employees' engagement are key benefits for corporate entities, when using these active lifestyle opportunities. 

So, all in all, this cooperation will establish a potential future coexistence between sport and business, in Debrecen. 

Labour market access for athletes, sport for all, social and economic benefits on a mutual basis - this is Sport-Life Balance Program.

These workshops are flexibly composed of several sports, like laser run from modern pentathlon, fencing reflex hit challenges, orienteering run with chip based technologies, and so on. 

It is a key principle of Sport-Life Balance Program to descale and transform all sports to a level, where it becomes accessible for all ages, so that anyone can be involved. 

The experience of more than 25 sport facilitated in-house corporate events show clearly the power of sport.  

All participants had fun, joy and the feeling of success, regardless of age, gender or physical capabilities. 

Playfulness, cheering for each other, team work and a lot of laughing characterise SLBP workshops, where also job motivational sessions can be part of a day long activity.

In Debrecen in the following months, of course, flying disc will be the centrepiece of any corporate workshops. 

As the concept is promoting the World University Ultimate Trophy in July, all SLBP activities focus on ultimate frisbee, and other formats of flying disc sports, such as disc golf, for instance. 

The target is to reach out to people through businesses, municipality and schools of Debrecen, and make local communities aware of the event. 

These groups of employees and families, schoolkids, and people from local communities might be the core fans, spectators and co-actors of the event in July. 

During these activities we invite everyone to participate in the public side events of the trophy. 

We organise corporate, family and school competitions alongside with World Flying Disc Federation's (WFDF) first ever university world sport event. 

By doing so, we offer a unique opportunity for local people to be active participants of the campaign in the city, they can try and enjoy flying disc sports before and during the event.

Sport-Life Balance Program is strategically thinking of city brand building, as well. 

On one hand it is WFDF’s aim to find good host city partners for their future events, where people know, love and do flying disc sports. 

This will be achieved through further flashmobs in the iconic locations of the city and the side events during the trophy event early July next year. 

Our next flashmob in late January goes into a big shopping mall in the heart of the city. 

DEAC sports club will provide several sports to show, to invite and engage kids and parents, elderly and young, with sports, heralding the world university flying disc event. 

In the course of spring and summer, further open air flashmobs are coming, in the squares, streets and parks of Debrecen.

Attila Mizsér is an Olympic champion in team modern pentathlon at Seoul 1988. He was the sports director of the Budapest 2024 Olympic bid and the inaugural World Urban Games in Budapest in 2019.

After working for 20 years in the banking industry he established his own company as a business trainer and as a sport event consultant. His concept builds and strengthens sport event human legacies. 

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Athletes' education generates sustainability for host city communities

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